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You walk everyday. But here`s a question for you – Are you walking well? Walking with a bad posture actually breaks the balance of your body and leads to back/neck pain and arthritis in the long run.

ZIKTO Walk is a wearable coach that helps to correct your walking posture and makes a balanced body.

So Stop counting steps, and start caring about your walking posture.

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Walking with right posture is the key factor to change your body. Not the distance you walked, nor time you spent.

ZIKTO Walk gives a gentle reminder with a vibration on your wrist. when you have bad walking posture, such as looking at a smartphone, putting hands in pockets, or hunching your back and etc.

You can monitor your walking postures, and progresses on downloaded app.

If you are having a back pain even after exercising, check your posture first.

ZIKTO Walk detects your body balance by comparing the swings of left and right arms. It tells you which part of body is out of shape and recommends a workout routine to get your balance back. Of course, you can check your body balance score and  personalized workout routines on downloaded app.

ZIKTO Walk tracks everything from steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned to hours slept. You can monitor your daily activities and analyze weekly/monthly trends on downloaded app.

Your walking pattern can be used as a biometrics, just like your fingerprints. ZIKTO Walk unlocks your smartphones, or PC and MAC by detecting your unique walking pattern. such as size, tempo, angle and frequency of your arm swing. 

Don`t miss your important calls or messages anymore.  ZIKTO Walk gives you a vibration on your wrist when you get a new call or message.

Don`t worry about looking unbalanced with your wearables anymore. ZIKTO Walk matches well with suits, casuals and even activity outfits. Thanks to various choices of straps from leather to handmade Moree.

What`s your walking score? Check out your average score on your walking posture everyday. Your score will surely improves as you make an effort!

Check up your body balance with ZIKTO Walk by wearing it on the other wrist once a week (or a month), and see what the app can do for your exercise routine.

Check up how many steps you made, calories burned, and sleeping patterns through activity trend to keep yourself motivated.